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Poker is the most popular card game in the world today. The game involves the use of playing cards, but it also requires chips for betting. Poker chips are usually made of either: clay, plastic composite, or acrylic--they were originally made of clay when they were first used in the late 1800s. Players would often improvise if they did not have factory or handmade chips, and would use small valuables instead. Today, poker chips come in just about every color, style, and monetary denomination known to man. Although online poker has grown in popularity over the last several years, there’s still nothing quite like throwing real chips out on the table and placing your bets with your fellow players in person. Chips can be bought in a case that comes with playing cards, or purchased separately. The number of chips you’ll need depends on the number of players involved in the game.

Aside from playing with chips, poker tables are an equally important part of the game. Originally, these card tables were just large, wooden pieces of furniture, often found in the Old West. In the 1940’s, small tables with metal folding legs became the norm, and were simply known as card tables. These tables could be easily stowed away, and then set back up for guests when they returned to play another game of poker. Casinos and large gaming halls adopted the concept of the poker table and gave it a new spin. Soon, green and other colored felt was placed over the table, and painted to designate different player’s spots where they could sit and play. Portable versions are now available to consumers, and also have the signature folding legs. Spaces in the table like pockets are added for storage of chips and cards.

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